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Our Services


We offer the following services as set out below.  We welcome a freewill donation for funerals and Christenings for those who are members of the Church and for those who are on a low income.  Prayer Ministry is of course free.



One of the hardest things to do in life is to say goodbye to a loved one. Pastor Fiona has organised and conducted these special services in accordance to each persons specific needs. For this service you are encouraged to participate, choosing what songs, hymns and readings you would like.


Baby/Child Dedications

In the book of 1 Samuel, we see the story of Hannah who was once barren dedicating her son Samuel to the Lord.  Samuel grew up in the temple of God with Eli, the Priest, teaching him the ways of the Lord.  Eli was like a god parent to Samuel and Samuel grew up to be a Prophet and a Priest.

Dedicating your child to the Lord is an important event and choosing the right godparents for your children is also of great importance.  

Prayer Group

Prayer Ministry

Prayer changes things. We believe every new believer should be given the opportunity to have someone pray with them.  Prayer ministry will focus totally on your needs and we will delve deep into what God wants for your.  However, if you just wish to have someone contact you and pray with you over the phone or would just like to put in a prayer request please do also contact us.

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