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Our Pastor


Pastor Fiona is the Senior Pastor and Visionary of the Church. She was ordained in 2006 under Emmanuel Network MInistries in Guyana with Bishop Ivan John as her mentor who has now sadly passed away.  In 2017 she was ordained an Apostle and has since taken on this call to the nations.  Her heart is for those who are on the fringe of society such as the broken-hearted, the spiritually bound, the drug addicts, those in domestic violence, single parents and those who cannot get a foot through the door.  Her desire is to see all become one in Christ Jesus.  Her passion was birthed from her own past and from the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Along with this role she has her own school, The School of Destiny - 'Recreating Lives for a Brighter Future' (see The School of Destiny for further details).  She is the author of five publications and within her school she teaches on how to write, publish and market your book through self-publishing and assists in the publishing process.

The Team

We believe that every member is a part of the team as we are all part of the one body.  However, we do believe that there are core members at the helm who play a bigger part to enable the Church to function.  They are a team of dedicated believers in our Lord Jesus Christ and they are all unpaid and serve for the love of Christ. Our team consists of Senior Pastor Fiona Lynch, Pastor Angela Bamford, Jamie-Lee (Service and events co-ordinator and fundraiser), Alisha Fearon (Leader of the Children's School), Jamaica Luke (Hospitality) .  Our trustees are Pastor Fiona Lynch, Jamie-Lee Anderson and Shirley Jones.

Our team are devoted to the working and leading of the Holy Spirit in extending love and compassion to those who are broken, spiritually poor, lonely and those who cannot find a way out of their situations. Their dedication and desires come from their own experiences of what Christ has done for them.  

Our Mission:

To win souls for Christ through outreach programmes and to train people for ministry through discipleship.

To integrate those on the fringe of society into the Church and the community through community projects   

Our Aim:

  • To reach out to the lost and broken-hearted regardless of age, race, gender and class.

  • To provide a place of fellowship and worship.

  • To train and teach God’s people to fulfil their calling.

  • To bring change and purpose to the lost.

  • To help transform our community into a better place through the Gospel.

  • To advance the gospel.

  • To win souls for Christ.

  • To bring healing and deliverance to the body of Christ through the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe that Jesus is the son of God and that he is God incarnate according to John 3:16 and John 1.

  • We believe in repentance and baptism in the name of Jesus in water by full immersion for the forgiveness of sins according to Acts 2:38.

  • We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the signs of speaking in tongues Acts 2:4.

  • We believe unless someone is born of the water and of the Spirit, they will not see the kingdom of God according to John 3:5-8.

  • We believe that Jesus will be coming back to judge the living and the dead according to 2 Timothy 4:1.

  • We believe in eternal life and eternal death according to Romans 6:23.

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